One Vision, One message.

The edible oil industry started in 1990 with the capacity of 25 TDP is now converted to 1000 TDP. Dedication and team work are main reasons behind this expansion. A little by little steps transform a small company into a group of companies with multi-dimensional business fields. We are one of the leading manufacturers of edible oil in the northern India. Apart from edible oils, we are into manufacturing of cattle feed, soya chunks, whole wheat Atta, cashew nuts, soap, detergent and woven sacks (packaging material). With the help of backward integration form, we have established our own packaging plant for edible oil. The plant meets all the international standards, with ISO 22000:2005 certificate.

For the environment, we have installed a biomass based cogen power plant having 6.2 Megawatt electric generation capacity. Hence, the plant converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. We have also installed solar panels in our other manufacturing units.

Happiness Always

Mayur Group not only distributes its products to the Indian Kitchen, but also shares its happiness with the customers. Our products bring the satisfaction to our customers, which leads to happiness in the customers. Our products bring thousands of smiles on the face of our consumers. We strive to provide international quality products at reasonable price. We aim to become a biggest household name of every Indian family. We will continue to expand our product portfolios.